A sangha in the Theravada Buddhist tradition



Rio Grande

photographer: Mark Pugsley

Albuquerque Vipassana Sangha is a community that aspires to realize the liberating potential of the dharma—the teachings of the Buddha

Our meditation gatherings, dharma talks and other activities are open to all. We always like to see new faces and old friends. Please join us.



  • Brian Lesage is leading an online study group beginning April 29, on the topic Freedom Through Seeing the Selfless Nature of Experience, or Anatta (the Buddha’s teachings on non-self). The group has reached maximum enrollment. If you would like your name added to a waiting list, go to Study Groups for more information.
  • Visiting teacher Brian Lesage is speaking on three Thursday evenings, April 17-May 1, and Sunday evening May 4. His topic: The Double-Edged Sword of Desire. He is also offering individual practice discussions during the day on those Thursdays. Sign up here to reserve time with him.
  • Visiting teacher the Venerable Dhammadinna will offer a daylong retreat on Saturday, May 3. Details here.
  • Seven-day residential retreat with Joseph Goldstein, Carol Wilson & Grove Burnett, May 18-25, Santa Fe. This retreat is full and has a waiting list.
  • Visiting teacher Gerry Prindiville, resident lama at Rangjung Yeshe Gomde, a Buddhist center in California, is speaking on Thursday evening, June 5. Go to the calendar to find out more about Lama Gerry.